Erik Ernan Laracuente

Technical Multimedia Artist
Photo - Video - Graphics - Web

About Me

Immerse yourself in the subject; match its heartbeat. See its beauty and capture its essence. Know the audience; envision their questions. Give them what they seek. Get it sold. Over the past decade, these core principles have proven to be a formula for success. It begins with a firm grasp of the subject matter and understanding the psyche of the end user or customer. It is only with this knowledge that we can begin to capture the subject and tell its story. Working in the Tampa Bay area since 2004, I've had the opportunity to put these principles into action to help companies both large and small. From consumer goods to million dollar industrial equipment, I've had the honor of capturing it all and getting it sold. Should this be your company's current need, I'd love to help you achieve those goals.


Sampling of Work

Please visit the Portfolio page for a more complete collection of work.
These are just a few samples of my work, representing various media types.

Corporate Intro

Video Production

Automobile Museum

Web Design

Vintage Automotive


Promotional Flag

Large Format Design

Festival Promo

Video Production

Wine Labels

Graphic Design

Retail Packaging


Hydrogen Fuel Center

Web Design

Packaging Equipment

Video Production

Historical Books

Desktop Publishing

Exhibit Panels

Large Format Printing

Magazine Ad

Graphic Design

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